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Pilot profile for Nick Roberts (NZ040)...

Pilot Name: Nick Roberts 
Callsign: NZ040
Location: New_Zealand New_Zealand
Join Date: 2011-04-11
Hub: Auckland
Vatsim ID: 838260 
Total Hours: 139:14 
Total Flights: 78 
Total Miles: 16,511 nm
Rank: First Officer 
Real life pilot with 150 hours. Work for Air Nelson as a ground handler and refueller. I have extensive Flight Sim experience. I also have been a member of this virtual airline before but could not meet requirements of the one flight per month due work commitments. Then I has Flying the Q300. Now able to fly more often as work now allows it. 

Last 10 flights...

Date Flight No. From To Total Time
2013-09-29 NZ2820 NZAA NZWR 00:24
2013-09-29 NZ2813 NZWR NZAA 00:23
2013-09-20 NZ636 NZQN NZCH 01:01
2013-07-09 NZ627 NZCH NZQN 00:50
2013-06-29 NZ429 NZAA NZWN 01:12
2013-05-21 NZ522 NZCH NZAA 01:09
2013-05-08 NZ503 NZAA NZCH 01:19
2013-04-16 NZ414 NZWN NZAA 01:00
2013-03-28 NZ528 NZCH NZAA 01:18
2013-03-24 NZ347 NZWN NZCH 00:54

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