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Pilot profile for Jeff Smith (NZ311)...

Callsign: NZ311
Location: U.S.A. U S A
Join Date: 2009-01-20
Vatsim ID: 900591  Vatsim Account ID 900591
Total Hours: 2715 
Total Flights: 140 
Total Miles: 458,241 nm
Rank:  Fleet Commander 
Look for me flying the B744 for vANZ :D Air New Zealand is one of my favorite airlines to fly with IRW. I live in San Francisco, but occasionally visit New Zealand, Australia, Tonga and Fiji. I\\\'ve been simming since the early 90\\\'s, but only discov 

Last 10 flights...

Flight No. Date From To Aircraft Total Time
NZ7 2013-07-17 KSFO NZAA B744 12:15
NZ8 2013-07-01 NZAA KSFO B744 11:44
NZ785 2013-06-29 NIUE NZAA B733 03:50
NZ784 2013-06-29 NZAA NIUE B733 04:12
NZ776 2013-06-21 YBCS NZAA B733 04:13
NZ775 2013-06-19 NZAA YBCS B733 05:45
NZ319 2013-06-18 NVVV NZAA B733 00:00
NZ318 2013-06-14 NZAA NVVV B733 00:00
NZ937 2013-06-14 NZAA YBCG B733 03:46
NZ934 2013-06-14 YBCG NZAA B733 03:36

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