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Pilot profile for Mark Richards (NZ115)...

Callsign: NZ115
Location: Australia Australia
Join Date: 2009-01-16
Vatsim ID: 811451  Vatsim Account ID 811451
Total Hours: 1828 
Total Flights: 133 
Total Miles: 95,028 nm
Rank:  Fleet Commander 
Existing Pilot transfer 1538.5hrs. I am Mark Richards, aged 49 and I'm a New Zealander, born and bred, now living in Melbourne, Australia. Been around Flightsim for a very long time. Current Regional Director for VATSIM Oceania and founder of both VATPAC and VATNZ. I'm also the Chairman of the VATSIM Executive Committee. 

Last 10 flights...

Flight No. Date From To Aircraft Total Time
NZ531 2014-09-07 NZAA NZCH A320 01:14
NZ124 2014-08-25 YMML NZAA B773 03:13
NZ461 2014-07-18 NZAA NZWN A320 00:49
NZ2205 2014-06-15 NZAA NZHN B190 00:24
NZ673 2014-04-27 NZAA NZDN A320 01:35
NZ510 2014-03-24 NZCH NZAA A320 01:07
NZ531 2014-03-19 NZAA NZCH A320 01:11
NZ2664 2014-02-08 NZAA NZKK B190 00:35
NZ2665 2014-02-08 NZKK NZAA B190 00:35
NZ2176 2014-01-11 NZWB NZAA B190 01:12

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