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Pilot profile for Dean Stringer (NZ192)...

Pilot Name: Dean Stringer 
Callsign: NZ192
Location: New_Zealand New_Zealand
Join Date: 2008-01-03
Hub: Auckland
Vatsim ID: 1042552 
Total Hours: 1448:55 
Total Flights: 476 
Total Miles: 325,670 nm
Rank: Fleet Commander 
Im an unashamably geeky hippy with a caffeine dependency, I grew up in Ngahinepouri, a small village just outside the city of Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand which is where I currently live. Have been simming since the dark and mono days of FS1 in the 1980s. Have been with vANZ for a few years now and am currently Training Captain for the B733 and webmaster for the site 

Last 10 flights...

Date Flight No. From To Total Time
2014-02-23 NZ2202 NZHN NZAA 00:18
2014-02-23 NZ2203 NZAA NZHN 00:19
2014-01-20 NZ2202 NZHN NZAA 00:17
2014-01-19 NZ6001 NZAA VVTS 14:41
2014-01-19 NZ2210 NZHN NZAA 00:18
2014-01-19 NZ2031 NZAA NZHN 00:17
2013-12-15 NZ2716 NZTG NZAA 00:24
2013-12-15 NZ2814 NZAA NZWR 00:26
2013-12-09 NZ721 NZAA YMML 03:26
2013-12-05 NZ401 NZAA NZWN 00:43

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