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B733 course now available for enrolments
by Dean Stringer - Wednesday, 5 January 2011, 07:22 AM
The vANZ training team are pleased to announce the release of our second Moodle based airframe training course, this time for the Boeing 737-300. The content for the course has been developed over the last 12 months and during the last few weeks we've run a Beta testing programme with two volunteers from the roster.

The testing went very well and we are extremely grateful to both Steve Prowse and Lyndon for their efforts to help iron out a bunch of content and support issues for the course. We haven't encountered any major support issues and neither of the lads had any trouble using Moodle which is great.

The course is comprised of 4 sections and will be a template for other airframe courses as we deliver them over time. The first three sections are informational, and the 4th is for assessment when staff are ready to proceed with their check-flight.

The assessment section is similar to the B1900D course in that you have a check-ride document, and are asked to use FSRecorder to log and submit your flight. In addition though we have a Quiz which will test you on some of the content from the manuals, and an assignment where you are asked to submit a few paragraphs detailing your experience as PIC of the 733. All three assessment items count in your final rating score.

We have opened the course up now and would like to invite all staff to visit Moodle and self-enrol themselves in the new course. If you are a current First officer or above you will be given access to the assessment tools in the 4th section of the course and can begin your rating as soon as you have made yourself familiar with content from the first three sections. If you are below that rank feel free to enrol and participate in the forums but your rating cannot begin until you've been promoted to First Officer.

We hope you enjoy participating in the course and if you have any questions about what's expected of you, or how to use Moodle, or anthing general about the 733 please post them into the "First Officer's Social Club" forum at the top of the 733 course homepage.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing lots of 733 ratings over coming months