Welcome to Virtual Air New Zealand

Virtual Air New Zealand is a Virtual Airline emulating the operations of the national carrier. We have a large fleet and numerous local, regional and international destinations. Whether you're a novice pilot or more experienced, we have a flight and an aircraft for everyone. Fly over 4000 flight legs on the Air New Zealand Domestic & International Schedules using our custom ACARS client either off-line in your own time, or online real-time with VATSIM.

We operate a full and current Air NZ Timetable giving you a broad range of choices. We also have a large fleet of aircraft ranging from the B1900D and Dash8/Q300 short range turboprops, through to the Boeing 777 & 787 long haul jetliners.

If you're interested in flying for vANZ please read about us, check out our Operations Manual for joining conditions, before filling out the application form. Be sure you fully check out our site before deciding if vANZ is the right airline for you.

vANZ ACARS flights in progress

No flights in progress using vANZ ACARS


Flight No. Date Pilot From To Aircraft
NZ8561 2015-11-23 NZ026  NZTG NZCH DH8C
NZ520 2015-11-23 NZ165  NZCH NZAA A320
NZ8560 2015-11-22 NZ026  NZCH NZTG DH8C
NZ553 2015-11-22 NZ165  NZAA NZCH A320
NZ8058 2015-11-22 NZ026  NZNV NZCH DH8C
NZ124 2015-11-22 NZ115  YMML NZAA B773
NZ2425 2015-11-20 NZ137  NZPM NZWN B190
NZ849 2015-11-20 NZ070  NZWN YSSY A320
NZ850 2015-11-18 NZ070  YMML NZWN A320
NZ2237 2015-11-18 NZ220  NZGS NZWN B190


ACARS update

[18/Oct/2015] An optional upgrade is available for vANZ-ACARS to allow float plane departures (they dont have a park-brake setting). You will need to install this if intending to fly the Coral Route.

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vANZ screen-shots

Take a moment to look over a random selection of screen-shots taken by our crew of their exploits whilst flying Virtual Air New Zealand routes around the world.